Nutritional & Skin Care Products That Change Lives

Founder, Margie Day

We have been helping people take charge of their health for over 17 years.  And now you have the opportunity to enjoy financial prosperity by sharing the products you use and love with others.

For over 25 years, Margie Day has been committed to helping others realize their health potential through teaching and sharing her wisdom in natural healing.  As a single mother of three, in 1995, she started Pure Radiance with only five thousand dollars.  She carefully formulated the company’s first 5 products that continue to be very popular today.  Relying on God’s guidance the company has grown and remained debt free.

From 1995 – 2011, product marketing was through providing nutritional workshops in churches and retail sales by health care providers.  Repeat customers and referrals from people who have seen positive results from using the products sparked the idea to allow those people who use and love the products, to share them with friends and family and in return, benefit financially by receiving commissions and bonuses.  (it just makes sense, that you are telling others about the benefits of using the products anyway – why not get paid for it?)